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Tooth contouring is an easy dental procedure that can deliver big results. However, many patients don’t even know this is an option! So what is tooth contouring, how does it work, and who should consider this procedure? Read on to get the answers.

What is Tooth Contouring?

Tooth contouring is a fairly simple procedure. Your dentist will use small tools, such as drills and lasers, to gently remove unwanted tooth enamel. This reshapes the tooth, creating a more desirable shape and/or size. After they reshape the tooth, they use tools to polish the surface and create a natural-looking finish.

Is Tooth Contouring Right For Me?

Tooth contouring is a great option for people who are unhappy with the shape or size of their teeth, but still have good oral health overall. It’s not a good choice for people with damaged teeth, as it doesn’t restore the tooth or remove decay. Tooth contouring is also a popular choice for people who want to avoid oral surgery. It’s quick and easy, perfect for people who want to avoid more complex procedures. You also won’t need to deal with a long recovery period. You can eat, drink, and brush like normal- all quickly after your procedure.

Other Options to Consider

There are other ways to change the look of your teeth as well. For instance, something as simple as teeth whitening can change the appearance of your smile. Clear aligners (such as Invisalign) and veneers are also popular choices for people who want to straighten teeth or improve their shape.

If you have damaged teeth, then root canals, dental implants, bridges, and/or crowns can all help restore the look of your teeth while also improving your oral health. Damaged teeth will need to be repaired or removed before cosmetic changes are made. After the site is free of decay, an artificial tooth can restore the look of your smile.

Ready to Get Started?

Royalty Dental Associates can help you achieve your dream smile. We offer a variety of services, whether you need a simple cleaning or a complex oral surgery. Call us today to schedule your visit, or click the link above to request an appointment online.

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