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Dental Implants in Spring, Tx

In the modern era, implant dentistry is one of the most effective ways to replace a missing tooth. With time and growing age, the bones supporting the teeth become weak and start to loose teeth. A dental implant is a beneficial solution for all those who want a long-lasting result of a tooth replacement. Furthermore, an implant not only replaces a missing tooth but also preserves the bones that support the teeth. So anybody wishing to have implant dentistry for replacing their missing teeth should contact Royalty Dental Associates

Implant Dentistry- What and how

Implants are artificial roots to support an artificial tooth. The dentists use a screw as a root that goes inside the bone to insert the tooth called crown. The dentists place the implant inside the jawbone, where it becomes a part of the natural bone. Most of the implants are made from titanium material, as allergy chances are very low. A patient can only have implant dentistry performed when he/she have enough bone for the screw to go inside; otherwise, the implant would not be successful. Therefore, our dentist  would, first of all, check the chances for a successful implant. Furthermore, the dentist would also suggest good oral hygiene before implant installation.

The procedure of Dental Implants

At Royalty Dental Associates, the entire process of placing an implant is extremely simple. In the first step, the dentist uses local anesthesia to numb the gums. He/she cuts the gums so that the jawbone becomes visible. The dentist creates a space in the gum so that the implant can go inside the bone. The dentist then places the screw is in the bone carefully. A stitch or two will be sufficient to close the cut. After placing the screw, the dentist will then wait for the bone to heal. This would take a few months.

In the next phase, the dentist will again cut the gums to check the implant. He/she will place a small extension to screw the crown. The dentist will then give you follow-up appointment dates during which the crown will be prepared. The dentist also takes an impression to make the crown similar to your natural teeth. He/she tests several crowns to fit your mouth before the final one is attached. In the end, the dentists place the crown on the implant. You might experience swelling and pain during the process. However, these are temporary and will heal with time.

dental implants spring tx

There is a rare chance when an implant can go wrong, or it might fail. The failure or success of implants becomes evident in the second phase. The dentist again cuts the gum to check the implant. A successful implant would heal, and the bone would grow around it. In the case of a failed implant, the screw would be loose, and the bone will not grow around it. A failed implant has to be removed. A new implant can be fixed on the same visit or the dentist would suggest what suits the patient.

dental implants spring tx

Dental Implants aftercare

Implants give the lost confidence back to people so they can smile confidently and live a happy life. The dental implants allow the crown to work in a normal way and make the daily routine of talking, eating, and smiling possible again. It also improves the speech of the person as a missing tooth might make a person mumble. Since the implants are closest to the natural teeth, they make people enjoy their daily life without any trouble.

Though the implants become a part of the natural teeth, they need proper care. At Royalty Dental Associates, the dentists suggest the use of soft bristles for a faster recovery. The dentist will also call you for an after surgery appointment to make sure that the implants and the crown are working well. If you are looking for dental implants in Spring, tx contact our cypresswood or spring dental clinic.

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