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Dental Crowns & Bridges in Spring, Tx

Your teeth are an essential part of your personality. But what if you lose some accidentally? Your damaged or missing teeth will ruin your perfect smile. However, the dentists at Royalty Dental Associates can fix these problems with crowns and bridgework. So if you want your decayed or missing teeth treated in Cypress, try crowns and bridgework.

What are crowns and bridgework

Crowns and bridgework are a perfect solution for getting the decayed or missing tooth fixed. Dentists cement both crowns and bridgework, and therefore these cannot be removed for cleaning purposes.

A crown is like a cap and covers the affected tooth. It improves a person’s appearance aesthetically and also helps in continuing the daily routine work like eating, drinking, and talking. To match the color of crowns with the existing teeth, ceramic or porcelain is the right choice. Crowns cover not only damaged teeth but also the implants.

Our dentist at Royalty Dental Associates may suggest a crown for various reasons. Some of these include:

  • Covering a large filling
  • To cover an implant
  • For covering a tooth for which root canal treatment has been done
  • To install a bridge

A bridge is a false tooth (pontic) fixed to cover the gap between the teeth. A false tooth comes in a variety of material from gold to metal; however, pontic is normally made of porcelain. Porcelain gives a natural look to the tooth as it blends well with natural teeth. Bridgework helps the remaining teeth to stay fixed at the position. Gaps caused by missing teeth may make the remaining teeth to move and fill the gaps. However, a timely bridgework would keep the existing teeth intact. The dentists cement the bridges to the teeth or implants.

crowns and bridges spring, tx
Dental Crowns and bridgework

The procedure of crowns and bridgework in Spring, Tx

Since dentists fit the crowns and bridges on the existing teeth; therefore, they reduce the size of the original tooth to fit the cap. Similarly, the bridges are to fill the missing places; therefore, the dentist at Royalty Dental Associates would make some adjustments to the teeth where a bridge needs fitting.
After reducing the size of teeth, the dentist takes an impression so that the crown or bridge would be made of the exact size. To match the shade of crowns and bridgework with the existing teeth, the dentists choose the correct shade for preparing the mold.

The dentist sends the impression to the dental lab for creating crowns and bridges. At Royalty Dental Associates, our dentist would cover the patient’s teeth with a temporary crown or bridge until the real crown and bridge are prepared. The dentist will then replace the temporary crown and bridge with a real one and cement it to fix it on the existing teeth.

How long does crowns and bridges last

Crowns and bridges have a long life; however, these may come out if not handled with care. Good oral hygiene can increase the lifespan of both crowns and bridges. Brushing your teeth at least twice a day and visiting your dentist regularly would help to minimize the loss. Sometimes other facts such as age, weak bones, and other periodontal diseases may also affect the crown or a bridge. However, our experts will be able to guide you on how to take care of your crowns and bridges, so these may not fall out.

Crowns and bridgework help to restore your smile and to chew your food naturally. These also aid in restoring speech and pronunciation as a damaged or missing tooth would impair it. So, if you want your smile restored, visit Royalty Dental Associates in Spring Tx or call our office.

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