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Tips and Tricks for Oral Home Care

The coronavirus outbreak means that many businesses are temporarily closed. This includes Royalty Dental Associates and many other dental practices, both in the Houston area and beyond. We will open our doors as soon as ...

30th April, 2020

What to Do in a Dental Emergency

A dental emergency can be terrifying. Dental injuries are not only stressful and unexpected but also they can be particularly painful. An emergency dentist can correct your injury and also provide pain relief. However, i...

15th April, 2020

What You Need to Know About Dentures

Dentures are a great option for a lot of patients. However, many people are afraid that they will be bulky, uncomfortable, or noticeable. While this might have been a pain in the past, dental technology has come a long w...

30th March, 2020

What to Expect at a Dental Checkup

Is it time for a dental checkup? Maybe it’s been a while since you were last in the dentist’s chair. If you aren’t sure what to expect at your appointment, then you might be feeling nervous. However, you have nothi...

15th March, 2020

How to Floss Correctly

We all know it’s important to floss our teeth. But are you actually flossing correctly? It might sound like common sense. However, you might be surprised to learn that there is a right way to do it. Using the right tec...

29th February, 2020

Nutrition For Oral Health

We all know that good nutrition will keep your body healthy. But did you know your diet can also affect your teeth? While your teeth are small, they actually play a huge role in your health. Eating a healthy diet can hel...

15th February, 2020

What to Expect After a Tooth Extraction

It’s perfectly normal to feel nervous before a tooth extraction, especially if you have never had oral surgery before. While tooth extractions might seem intimidating, improvements in dentistry mean these procedures ar...

30th January, 2020

How Dentists Can Improve the Look of Your Gums

Are you afraid to smile confidently because you are unhappy with the look of your gums? This is an unfortunate reality for many people. Some oral conditions like gingivitis can affect the look of the gums. Other people h...

15th January, 2020

Why Strong Tooth Enamel Matters

Healthy tooth enamel will keep your mouth looking and feeling its best. But what exactly is tooth enamel and why is it so important to protect it? Below, we will teach you all about your tooth enamel and give you some si...

30th December, 2019

The Importance of Oral Cancer Screenings

Regular cancer screenings are a crucial way to stay healthy and to catch potentially deadly diseases in the early, treatable stages. But while most of us think of screenings for skin, colon, and reproductive cancers, few...

15th December, 2019

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