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Cosmetic Gum Surgery in Spring, Tx

We often associate a beautiful smile with perfect teeth. But, gums play an equally important role in giving you an attractive smile that you would love to wear.

Gums are the support function for your teeth. However, due to certain gum diseases, the tissues may move away from your teeth and make them excessively visible. In other cases, your gums may cover the majority of your teeth and give you a gummy smile. But these problems are now easily solved using cosmetic gum surgery. Whether it is gum recession, a gummy smile, or an uneven gum line, Royalty Dental Associates can correct all.

Gum Problems

Gummy smile: A smile may expose your gums more than usual. It hides your teeth and make them look unattractive. A crown lengthening procedure removes excess tissues to make your teeth have a beautiful look.

Receding gums: Receding gums make your teeth excessively visible. At times, this may also make the roots of the teeth appear. The roots may appear yellow as compared to the rest of your teeth as they do not have a coat of enamel on them. Furthermore, the exposed roots may also be sensitive to hot and cold. Surgery is performed to stretch the gums so that roots are no longer visible.

Uneven gum line: There are times when certain teeth are covered with excess tissues than others. This creates an uneven gum line. The gums are reshaped with the help of a surgery.

Cosmetic Gum Surgery
Cosmetic Surgery

What happens during cosmetic gum surgery?

We correct issues associated with your gums through cosmetic surgery. Whether it is a problem of gum overexposing your teeth or covering the majority of your teeth, Royalty Dental Associates treats all. A periodontist discusses the various options available for surgery and lets the patient choose the option that seems better. However, the choice of surgery will depend on the extent to which teeth are damaged.

The periodontist at Royalty Dental Associates uses local anesthesia to numb the area that needs treatment. After doing a thorough cleaning of the gums, the periodontist will begin the procedure.

  • Remove excess tissues from the root and the upper layer.
  • Cutaway tissues near the teeth
  • Stitch the tissues on the existing gums to hold these in place

For gum recession, a periodontist will remove tissues from roots and stitch then onto the existing gums.

Taking care of cosmetic gum surgery

A patient can go home right after the surgery; however, the aftercare of the operation is mandatory. A person may recover faster by doing the following:

  • Avoid flossing or brushing at the area of surgery
  • Eat soft and cold food items like ice cream, eggs, pasta
  • Refrain from smoking
  • Use a mouth wash that removes plaque
  • Take prescribed medicines timely

Though the healing process is quick and takes not more than two weeks. However, the pain a person experiences may vary from person to person. The pain may settle quickly if a periodontist removes only excess tissues. Surgery to remove tissues from the root may take longer to heal, and the person may feel pain for a few days. After the surgery, teeth become more sensitive to hot and cold; therefore, a desensitizing toothpaste may be helpful.

Cosmetic Gum Surgery Spring, TX

Our experts at Royalty Dental Associates will call the patient for a follow-up checkup to ensure the success of the surgery and to check that gums are healing properly. The dentist in the follow-up appointment would also remove stitches if needed.

If you wish to have cosmetic gum surgery and are finding good dentistry near you in Spring Tx, contact Royalty Dental Associates. We aim to provide you the best possible comfort where all your gum problems can be treated effectively. Using cosmetic gum surgery, our experts ensure to reshape your gums so you may regain your lost smile.

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