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One of the most prominent places a pimple can pop up is on your lips, along with the tip of your nose and forehead. But why does it happen? Are all the little bumps on your lips only pimples, or could they signify something more serious? In this blog, we’ll break down everything you need to know about the tiny bumps on your lips.

What Do The Little Bumps On My Lips Mean?

Finding a bump on your upper lip might cause you to worry at first, but there’s usually nothing to stress about. At least, not if the node disappears on its own or if it sprouted individually.

Nonetheless, recognizing the potential causes might help if you notice multiple little bumps on your lips.

Perhaps it’s a harmless breakout or an allergic reaction to your new favorite lipstick. Moreover, depending on the color of the bump, you can determine the exact cause of it. For instance, is the bump glaring red? Or is there a cluster of barely noticeable lumps at the base of your lips? Most probably, it’s a benign matter. However, in some cases, it could also have a severe outlook.

Why Are There Tiny Pimple On My Lips?

Bumps on lips can range in color, size, texture, and overall appearance. Plenty of causes could lead to a clear bubble forming inside or outside the lip. Here are some of the common reasons behind the small lumps on your lips:

  1. Cold Sores Cold sores or canker sores are mouth ulcers that tend to develop inside the mouth and, sometimes, on the lips. These bumps are white in color with a ring of red tenderness around them. They might even dry out your lips.
  2. Allergic Reaction Not all tiny bumps on lips are cold sores. Maybe it’s just an allergic reaction to a specific makeup product, utensil, food, pet dander, or any such substance that made contact with your lips. You might notice your lips swelling, with an inflamed bump in tow.
  3. Milia Milia are these white, minuscule cysts that appear on the skin due to dead skin cells. These skin cells get trapped under the skin inside small pockets. However, they’re harmless and go away on their own.
  4. Oral Thrush Oral thrush is an oral yeast infection that can lead to white patches and bumps around your mouth. Contact a dental professional if you notice the corner of your lips cracking with tiny white bumps on the inside or out.
  5. Fordyce Spot A cluster of white or yellow flecks around your lips could be because of Fordyce spots. They’re typically harmless. So much so that they don’t even hurt. Instead, they tend to go away in due time, with minimal to no treatment.
  6. Mucoceles Mucus retention cysts, commonly known as Mucoceles, are small fluid-filled bumps. They appear on the lower lip, inside the mouth, or on the gums. Mucoceles occur due to an injury like biting your lip or a congested salivary gland. They eventually vanish on their own.
  7. Oral Cancer In rare cases, if the little bumps on your lips do not go away in due time, it could be a symptom of oral cancer. More specifically, these lumps could be tumors in the middle of forming. Thus, it is better to seek professional care and evaluation just in case.

What Should I Do Next?

Long story short, little bumps on your lips could be due to a simple allergic reaction or your body’s way of telling you to seek urgent dental care. Call Royalty Dental Associates at (281)-655-0500 (Spring Cypress Road) or (281)-288-0900 (Interstate Highway 45) to schedule an appointment today.

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