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If you thought tooth pain or a cut on your tongue is all oral health is about, think again! When throbbing gum pain strives, the agony is incomparable. Usually, we do not consider our gums until they start bleeding or hurting. But before you panic, visit a periodontist to learn the possible reason behind your gum pain. In the meantime, read this blog to learn the potential causes!

Causes of Throbbing Gum Pain

In most cases, throbbing gum pain indicates an infection. Here are some potential reasons your periodontal tissue might be hurting:

  • Periodontal Disease: Usually, throbbing gum pain results due to periodontal disease. It does not happen overnight; there are certain stages as gum disease worsens. From the early stage gum disease, known as gingivitis, to a severely painful advanced periodontal gum disease, each stage needs treatment. If this is the cause, you may have pain when chewing, tooth sensitivity, red gums, etc.
  • Tooth Infection: It is possible that the throbbing gum pain has nothing to do with your periodontal tissue in the first place — it is simply a tooth infection. You might need to undergo a root canal treatment if the bacteria has infected the tooth pulp.
  • Canker Sores: The agonizing gum pain might just be a harmless white lesion that forms on the soft surfaces in the mouth. You might be able to spot a canker sore in your mouth, which looks like a white or yellow spot surrounded by redness. Usually, they go away in one or two weeks; visit your dental specialist if it doesn’t.
  • Aggressive Brushing or Flossing: While brushing and flossing are an important part of oral hygiene, doing them gently, as well as using the right techniques, is even more necessary. This is because harsh brushing and flossing can cause gum recession. Therefore, your throbbing gum pain might be a consequence of the way you clean your teeth.
  • Dental appliances: A major reason for gum pain is dental appliances after they have been recently adjusted or if they’re new. Hence, you may experience throbbing pain in that specific spot or throughout the mouth.

How to Stop Throbbing Gum Pain

You can get rid of throbbing gum pain. You should always visit a dental specialist in such circumstances, but the following might help:

  • Using cold or warm compresses to reduce pain as well as swelling. You can switch between the two, too, until the discomfort goes away.
  • Swishing salt water rinse around your mouth and then spitting it out instead of swallowing. Do it multiple times throughout the day since saltwater works as an antibacterial.
  • Tea bags with astringent properties can be useful for throbbing gum pain. Apply a soaked and warm tea bag to the affected area.
  • Taking over-the-counter OTC painkillers for instant relief.

What’s Next?

Throbbing gum pain can be pretty hurtful, which is why you should check in with a periodontist right away. At Royalty Dental Associates, our team will make sure you receive optimal care for your issues. Dial (281) 655-0500 to contact us today. You can also pay our experts a visit!

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