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As miraculous as pregnancy is, it sure is not a comfortable period. Growing life in your body takes a toll on you, and you may experience both big and small discomforts. Usually, we associate morning sickness, cravings, nausea, back pain, and other primary symptoms with pregnancy. But did you know that it may be responsible for many minor pain and discomforts? That’s true; you may not realize it, but if you have a toothache while pregnant, it may not be a coincidence!

In this blog, we will help you navigate tooth pain during pregnancy and what it means. Carry on reading to learn more!

Why Do I Have Toothache While Pregnant?

Lack of dental hygiene might be a common cause of toothache, but there are other factors at play when you’re pregnant. Here are a few common causes of toothache during pregnancy:

  1. Hormonal Imbalance
    Hormonal changes are to be expected when you’re expecting. Throughout your pregnancy, hormones will rise, even resulting in nausea and vomiting. And when you vomit, it is not the best thing for your tooth enamel, which may erode away. You can try rinsing your mouth right after you vomit and using toothpaste that will neutralize the acid. Ask your dentist for recommendations, as hormonal imbalance may lead to:

    • Plaque Accumulation: Hormonal changes can alter how your body responds to plaque. If the plaque is left untreated, it builds up, causing tooth decay and other dental issues.
    • Gum Disease: The possibility of gingivitis also increases due to hormonal changes, which leads to soreness in the gums. Gradually, you may feel toothache during pregnancy as well as signs of gum disease. Visit a periodontist if you notice the symptoms!
  2. Dietary Changes
    When you are expecting, you may switch up your diet a little. Sometimes, sugar cravings increase, and you may indulge in sugary drinks as well as foods. Sugar is already bad for your teeth, and consuming it when you are pregnant does nothing to help. Thus, you may have toothache during pregnancy due to the sugar, especially if tooth decay occurs.
  3. Blood Volume
    If your gums look puffy or red along with bleeding, it may be because pregnancy increases the blood volume. You can avoid toothache while you’re pregnant and other complications by using a toothbrush with soft bristles. Moreover, remember to be careful when you are flossing, as improper techniques may lead to bleeding gums.

How to Treat Toothache During Pregnancy

Whether you have unbearable tooth pain while pregnant or minor, you can always opt for treatment to feel better. Here are some ways to get rid of tooth pain when you are expecting:

What’s the Takeaway?

Toothache is one of the complications that may arise while you are pregnant. Visit a dentist to know why your tooth is hurting and receive adequate treatment. They will also guide you on the ways to prevent the discomfort.

At Royalty Dental Associates, our goal is to prioritize your comfort and health. This is why we offer effective dental procedures. Visit us to see yourself, or dial (281) 655-0500 to talk to us now!

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