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What Is Teeth Deep Cleaning?

Just like how our faces need to be deeply cleansed once in a while — yes, that’s a call out to your skincare routine, your teeth do too. Oral hygiene is one of the most basic ways to keep your health in check. As a result, bi-annual visits to the dentist should be a part of your yearly goals. It’s just that important!

However, a good teeth cleanout should last a long time. But before the panic sets in, let us tell you that teeth deep cleaning is not as scary as it sounds.

In medical terms, the procedure is referred to as Periodontal Scaling, Gum Scaling, and at times, even Root Planing. Nonetheless, the best part about the process is that it extends the vitality of your oral health. A deep cleaning service for your teeth offers everything, from fighting off gum disease to banishing bad breath once and for all.

What’s The Difference?

Don’t go on and get confused, though, because there is a significant difference between a simple cleaning versus an extensive route. When going for a thorough cleaning, the dentist makes sure to reach in and scale off all the lingering plaque and tartar stuck to your teeth. This includes reaching under your gum line and scooping all the bacteria away.

Plaque is a film of saliva that coats your teeth by capturing the microbes inside its domain. While Tartar, on the other hand, is a type of plaque that has solidified over time. It borders on being permanent and can cause gum decay or even lead to a root canal.

5 Reasons Why You Should Get Professional Deep Teeth Cleaning

Who doesn’t like their pearly whites shining? That’s precisely why making an appointment with your dentist should be on the top of your list. Instead of wasting money on flimsy whitening strips, getting a professional to do it in one go is the best method. Besides being vital for your dental health, an in-depth cleaning offers a myriad of benefits.

  • Pristine Job
    Booking a professional for your teeth can lead to a job well done. An experienced personnel will also make sure your oral hygiene is their number one priority, while making you feel at ease.
  • Better Gum Health
    A deep cleaning allows your gums and teeth to strengthen their hold. It puts an end to bleeding, infected, or receding gums. Not to mention, due to the extensive washing out, your dental health improves drastically.
  • Leads to Stronger Teeth
    Say goodbye to brittle teeth! When you go to get a cleaning, the roots below the gum line get more space to grow. They become stronger, allowing the teeth to stay in shape for long.
  • Cures All Infections
    When all the built-up plaque and tartar are scraped off, your pearly whites are left to gleam. It prevents infections from taking root in your gums and their surrounding areas. Any remains or signs of diseases like gingivitis or periodontitis are entirely squashed.
  • Long-lasting Results
    Having your teeth looked after by a professional allows you to enjoy long-lasting results. Not only does your mouth stay super clean, but it also eases your worry of having to repeat the process again and again.

The Takeaway

Even though a deep teeth cleaning lasts long and offers various benefits, you should take care of your dental hygiene regardless. Brush your teeth two times a day, use mouthwash, and floss daily. Looking to schedule an appointment with a well-experienced dentist? Visit Royal Dental Associates. You can also get in touch through their Spring Cypress outlet: (281) 655-0500 or over at the Interstate Highway: (281) 288-0900.

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