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Gum tissue can degenerate or become damaged due to gum diseases, genetic factors or poor oral hygiene habits. This can affect the appearance of your smile. With the help of cosmetic gum surgery you can balance your smile or eliminate a gummy smile. Mostly this surgery is purely cosmetic but for some people it can be a medical necessity.

What is Cosmetic Gum Surgery?

Cosmetic gum surgery or also known as gum contouring surgery is a cosmetic or dental procedure. It is used to reshape your gum line to give it a more pleasing look and a smile that you can be proud of. During this process, they remove the excess gum tissue to make the teeth appear longer. Dentists perform it in their office and use lasers, scalpels and radiosurgery to carry out the gum contouring procedure.

Reasons for Getting Cosmetic Gum Surgery

  1. Uneven gum line
    The reason for uneven gum lines can be genetics, vigorous brushing or misaligned teeth. Uneven gum lines is when your teeth are covered by more tissue than others. This can make your teeth look odd, crooked and unhealthy which can affect your smile.
  2. Gingival recession
    Gingival recession or also known as ‘gum recession’ is a form of gum disease. It usually happens when your gum tissues pull away from your teeth, exposing the roots underneath which increases the risk of cavities. Gum recession can also lead to severe problems like tooth loss and decay.
  3. Long teeth or exposed roots
    Sometimes, gum recession as a result of periodontal disease can cause the roots of the teeth to be exposed which makes the teeth look weird. Gum contouring surgery can cover up the unsightly gums or exposed root surfaces. It can also improve the appearance of teeth that look too long.
  4. Gummy smile
    Gummy smile or also known as ‘excessive gingival display’ is a smile where too much gum tissue is visible above the top of your teeth when you open your mouth or smile. This makes the teeth look short or boxy and can interfere with the person’s desire to smile. It is one of the reasons that people decide to get gum surgery.

Is the Process Painful?

Gum surgery is not as painful as it sounds. This procedure is painless due to the local anesthesia. It will numb your gums while the doctor continues to work. However, it is completely normal for you to feel discomfort and a bit of pain in the days after your surgery. Your doctor will recommend some medications to help ease the pain and any side effects.

You can also reduce the pain and swelling by applying an ice pack on your mouth for a few minutes, for a couple of days.

Wrap Up
If you are unhappy with the way your teeth and gum look, talk to a dentist to see if cosmetic gum surgery is right for you. Contact our experts at Royalty Dental Associates for best guidance. Get in touch with us now at (281) 655-0500.

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