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Lots of people deal with sensitive teeth. In many cases, the pain is nothing to worry about. However, sensitivity can sometimes indicate a dental issue, such as a cavity. So are your teeth just a little tender- or is there something else going on? Read on to learn the difference between sensitive teeth vs. cavity symptoms.

What Causes Tooth Sensitivity?

Tooth sensitivity can be caused by many different factors. For many people, eating or drinking certain things (such as hot, cold, or acidic beverages) can trigger tooth pain. Others notice pain after brushing or flossing. This sensitivity is usually caused by weekend tooth enamel.

What Causes Cavities?

Cavities are caused by a buildup of bacteria, known as plaque, on the surface of a tooth. Small cavities will not produce any symptoms. However, more advanced cavities can cause tooth discoloration, bad breath, and tooth sensitivity.

Sensitive Teeth Vs. Cavity Symptoms

If you have sensitive teeth, then it’s important to check for other symptoms as well. Simple tooth sensitivity usually won’t come with any other symptoms. Plus, it should be easy to identify sensitivity triggers, like brushing your teeth or eating cold foods. If your sensitivity is accompanied by other oral symptoms, such as black spots on the tender tooth, then you might be dealing with a cavity.

When to See a Dentist

If you have tooth pain that is not well-managed, then you should see a dentist. Even if the sensitivity is normal, it can still be very uncomfortable. Your dentist can help you find treatments to reduce the pain. Your dentist can also check for cavities and other issues that you might be dealing with.

Find Relief For Your Tooth Pain

Whether you are dealing with sensitive teeth vs. cavity pain, you don’t deserve to suffer through toothaches. Royalty Dental Associates can help you find relief. Request an appointment online today, or you can also call us to learn more about what we do.

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