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After your problem tooth is finally pulled out, all is not over — your dentist will provide you with the instructions to ensure safe healing. The primary purpose of tooth extraction aftercare is to ensure that the open socket heals as required, with the blood clot forming without any issues. This raises a question: can I brush my teeth after tooth extraction?

Generally, it is recommended not to brush your teeth, especially at the extraction site, for the first night after tooth removal. You can learn all about it in this blog!

Can You Brush Your Teeth After Tooth Extraction?

It is recommended to avoid brushing the extraction site for at least 24 hours. This is a crucial period since the socket is extremely sensitive during this time. Hence, if you brush, it can cause complications by disrupting blood clot formation. Moreover, you might feel pain and discomfort as the bristles rub against the open wound.

Your gums need proper healing since they close after tooth removal. Pulling out the tooth leaves a vulnerable hole behind, which the dentist will suture with the help of stitches. After that, it requires time to heal so the blood clot can form. If you indulge in an action that resembles suction, like using a straw, it can dislodge the blood clot. Other than this, rinsing your mouth in an aggressive manner can also have a similar effect.

The reason why it is important for a blood clot to develop is that it protects the bone and nerves inside the socket. When it is dislocated, a dry socket appears, which brings forth painful symptoms. That’s not all — with the blood clot no longer protecting the empty socket, bacteria, and food particles find the perfect opportunity to enter the hole. Therefore, it is important to allow the blood clot to form, and that is why you can not brush your teeth in the first 24 hours of tooth extraction!

How to Brush Your Teeth After Removal

Now that you know the effects of brushing your teeth after removal, are you scared to do so? Here are some handy tips to prevent any complications and brush your teeth safely after tooth extraction:

  1. Avoid Brushing Right Away: This is a must; do not brush your teeth right after you undergo tooth extraction. Therefore, you should avoid brushing directly over the empty socket or the teeth adjacent to it for the first 24 hours. You can still brush your tongue and remaining teeth, but consult your dentist before doing so.
  2. Ensure Your Mouth is Clean: Although you cannot brush your extraction site on the first day, you should still keep the rest of your mouth clean. This way, no dental issues threaten to attack due to lingering bacteria and debris.
  3. Try Saltwater Rinses: You can ensure your extraction site remains infection-free by using saltwater to rinse your mouth. Avoid swishing or spitting the solution!
  4. Use a Soft-Bristled Toothbrush: You should use a toothbrush that contains soft bristles to brush your teeth when the dentist deems it safe.
  5. Floss After a Week: Yes, flossing is important, but it is better to continue with it after a week.


Dentists recommend not brushing your teeth, especially the extraction site, in the first 4 hours after tooth removal. If you do, it can dislodge the blood clot and bring forth complications. At Royalty Dental Associates, we have the solution for your dental troubles! Visit us now at 8714 Spring Cypress Rd #210, Spring, TX 77379, United States, or book an appointment with us at (281) 655-0500.

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