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Is your tooth coming loose, and you are looking for ways to pull out a tooth? Don’t! After your permanent teeth come out, there is no going back. Baby teeth come loose because permanent teeth replace them. But there is no third cycle of teeth erupting. If you extract a permanent tooth, you will be left with one less tooth your entire life. You can replace permanent teeth with dental implants or other tooth replacement options, but you will lose your natural teeth. Thus, if you are an adult with a loose tooth stuck to the gum, visit your dentist before trying anything.

Why Should I Not Pull Out a Tooth of My Own?

Pulling out an adult tooth can cause complications, like:

  • bleeding gums
  • swollen gums
  • gum infection
  • gum disease
  • facial collapse
  • deterioration of bone
  • tooth decay in the neighboring teeth

It is better to let a dental professional handle your tooth extraction. They know how to do it and the safety measures to perform the procedure. Therefore, go to your dentist if you have a loose tooth.

How to Pull Out a Baby Tooth?

Baby teeth are meant to fall out. It is important for baby teeth to grow and fall on their own time, as they might guide the adult tooth on coming in. Moreover, letting baby teeth grow will help the jaw and other facial structures develop. But when they start wiggling, your child might complain every chance they get. Usually, baby teeth start falling out around 6 to 7 years of age.

We suggest waiting for the baby’s teeth to fall naturally and visiting a pediatric dentist if there is a problem. However, you can try these methods to pull out a loose baby tooth at home:

  • Let Your Child Help Does your kid want to pull their loose tooth out on their own? You can help them. Guide your child to wiggle their loose tooth using their tongue gently. It is better to avoid using hands, but make sure their hands are clean if they do. Moreover, munching on hard, chewy foods like apples and carrots can help too.
  • Pull Their Tooth Yourself You can also pull your child’s tooth for them, but make sure it is loose enough. Before you begin, thoroughly wash your hands. Use a clean tissue to hold the baby tooth and rock it back and forth, making sure it is ready to fall out. If the tooth is loose enough, gently twist it slightly, and it should come right out in your hands.
  • Using a String and Door Knob You can try this fun method when your baby’s tooth is loose and close to falling out. Take a string, tie one end to a door knob and the other around the loose tooth, and shut the door (be careful not to slam it too hard). Voila! You will see the baby teeth hanging on the string by the doorknob or flying out.

But don’t go through with this method if you suspect that you won’t be able to pull it off.

What to Keep in Mind?

A loose tooth can mean many things. In children, it is a sign that permanent teeth are close to coming in. However, it indicates a dental problem in adults. If you want to know how to pull an adult tooth, you should stop right there and visit your dentist to get it done professionally. At Royalty Dental Associates , our dental experts can gently guide you through the procedure. We offer tooth extraction services and more; just dial (281) 655-0500 (Spring Cypress) or (281) 288-0900 (Cypresswood).

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