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Texas State Board Of Dental Examiners Still Require Dental Offices To Follow COVID Emergency Rules And Still Require Everyone To Wear A Mask Regardless Of Governor Ruling

A bright and white smile is something that everyone desires. It can make a significant impact on your confidence and self-esteem. However, over time, teeth can become stained or discolored due to various reasons such as consuming certain foods and drinks, smoking, aging, or poor oral hygiene.

Professional teeth whitening is a popular cosmetic dental treatment that can help brighten your smile and make it look youthful and vibrant.

If you are considering teeth whitening, you might wonder how much it will cost. The cost of teeth whitening varies depending on several factors, which we will discuss in this blog post.

Types of Professional Teeth Whitening

There are two main types of professional teeth whitening: in-office or chairside whitening and take- home whitening kits.

In-office or chairside teeth whitening is a procedure that is carried out by a dentist or dental hygienist in their office.

During this procedure, a high concentration of whitening gel is applied to the teeth, and it is activated using a special light. In-office whitening is the quickest and most effective way to achieve a brighter smile, with the results visible in just one hour. However, it is also the most expensive teeth whitening option, with the national average cost ranging from $650 to $1,000.

Take-home whitening kits are an alternative option that is provided by a dentist. These kits include custom-fitted trays that you wear for several hours a day, for a specified period.

They contain a lower concentration of whitening gel than in-office treatment. Although take-home whitening kits take longer to achieve the desired results, they are a more affordable option, with the national average cost ranging from $300 to $500.

Factors that Affect Teeth Whitening Costs

Several factors affect the cost of professional teeth whitening, which includes:

  • Geographic Location:
    The cost of whitening procedures varies depending on where you live. For example, teeth whitening in New York is more expensive than in a smaller town.
  • Professional Qualifications:
    The cost of teeth whitening differs among dental professionals. If you choose a high-end dentist with significant experience, you will pay more than if you choose a less experienced professional.
  • Level of Staining:
    The extent of staining on your teeth will determine the number of treatments you will need to achieve the desired result. The more discolored your teeth are, the more treatments you will need, and the higher the cost.
  • Type of Whitening:
    As previously explained, in-office whitening is more expensive than take-home whitening kits.

Tips for Reducing Teeth Whitening Costs

If you’re looking for professional teeth whitening on a budget, here are some tips that can help you save money:

  • Check with Your Insurance: Some dental insurance plans cover a part of the cost of teeth whitening. It’s worth checking with your insurance provider to see if you’re eligible.
  • Look for Promotions: Many dental practices offer specials or promotions on teeth whitening. Keep an eye out for these deals or ask your dentist.
  • Choose a Take-Home Kit: Take-home whitening kits are more affordable than in-office treatment. Consider this option if your budget is tight.
  • Do Your Research: Compare the costs of different dental professionals or practices. Some might offer more affordable pricing. Also, ensure that you read reviews and ask for before-and-after pictures before deciding on where to go.

Final Thoughts

Professional teeth whitening can be an excellent investment in your oral health and confidence. The cost of teeth whitening varies depending on several factors, including location, professional qualifications, level of staining, and type of whitening.

Take-home whitening kits are the most affordable option, whereas the in-office procedure is the most expensive. However, there are tips that can help you save money, such as checking with your insurance provider or opting for a take-home kit.

It’s also essential to choose reputable dental professionals at Royalty Dental Associates to ensure that you receive safe and effective treatment. Just give us a call to book an appointment today.

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