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The last time you went shopping for your grocery and food items, did you remember checking the expiry date of products you’ve purchased? That is because consuming food beyond its expiry date is not suitable to eat. But did you know that even your toothpaste has an expiry date?

In most cases, both the production and expiry date are printed on the box, but it also happens that sometimes, only the production date is printed. Hence it may be unclear for how long can you use it? And if you use it after the expiry date, what would happen? These must be some of the questions in your head.

Manufacturing Date And Expiry Date

The expiry date printed on the toothpaste tube indicates when you should stop using that particular tube. In most cases, toothpaste manufacturers say their toothpaste is good to use for about twelve to eighteen months and but some manufacturers say it’s good to use for up to two years from the manufacturing date.

Should You Use A Toothpaste Beyond Its Expiry Date?

There is technically no harm in using toothpaste after its expiry date, but there is a possibility it may not work as it should. After its expiry, the strength in toothpaste may fall below par and will not be as effective as it should be. That is because your toothpaste contains fluoride to fight cavities in your mouth. But after expiry, the fluoride loses its ability to bind the enamel on your tooth and protect it against bacteria and cavity.

The weakening of the fluoride is not a visible process, but there are other changes you will notice. Change in the color of the toothpaste and the intensity of the mint will also lessen. And the toothpaste will lose it’s binding and become liquidy.

If you see these changes, it’s time for a new toothpaste.

Still, have this question on your mind? Does your toothpaste expire? Then, you can speak to one of our dental specialists at Royalty Dental Associates. Call us at (281)288-0900 to book your appointment.

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