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Teeth whitening gum is so popular these days. But does this gum actually do anything to brighten your smile? Get the facts about teeth whitening gum below. We’ll also share our favorite ways to effectively brighten your teeth.

Why Teeth Whitening Gum is So Popular

It’s pretty obvious why so many people love this gum. It is fun to chew and has a great taste. Plus, who doesn’t want a whiter smile? Whitening gums also just seem healthier than the other types available. It is clear that these gums are here to stay. However, their popularity does not mean that they are actually effective.

Does This Stuff Really Work?

Here’s the thing: while these gums do contain whitening agents, they don’t actually do much to whiten your teeth. This is because the amount of whitening agent put into each piece of gum is so small. In order to see any real results, you would need to chew numerous pieces of gum per day. There are easier (and more effective) whitening tools out there.

Always Read the Fine Print

Another problem with teeth whitening gum is that it usually contains artificial ingredients. It can also have added sugar. Always make sure you read your gum package carefully before chewing. Also, be sure to avoid chewing gum if you wear braces or a retainer.

A Better Way to Whiten Your Teeth

Still, looking for a way to whiten your teeth? Try professional whitening. This works so much better than teeth whitening gum. Plus, it’s quick, easy, and offers instant results.

Schedule Your Teeth Whitening Today!

Are you ready for a bright, confident smile? Call Royalty Dental Associates. Our dental experts can whiten your teeth in one quick appointment. No gum chewing required! Book an appointment by clicking the link above. You can also call our office for more information.


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