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A tooth infection occurs when the bacteria in your mouth reaches the mouth’s soft tissues, more commonly known as pulp. After some time, the infection develops and forms a pus pocket around the affected tooth, known as a dental abscess. It can get worse with time, and yes, a tooth infection might kill you. In this blog, we will list the life-threatening complications a tooth infection can cause or indicate.

How Can A Tooth Infection Kill You?

If you don’t treat your infected tooth for a long time, it will spread to the other areas of your body, like the brain, neck, and jaw. As a result, serious health complications can occur, leading to possible death.

It typically takes months for a dental abscess to develop. Symptoms like pain, swelling, etc., accompany abscess once it develops. If you ignore the signs and leave the infection untreated, you risk causing health complications. It is also important to practice good oral hygiene to prevent this from happening.

What Complications Does A Tooth Infection Cause That Can Kill You?

An untreated tooth infection can result in a number of health complications. Therefore, it can become life-threatening. It can cause:

  1. Sepsis
    A tooth infection might cause your body to react in an extreme manner. In addition, it can affect the functions of organs. The body starts damaging its tissues with poor and abnormal organ functions. This life-threatening condition is called sepsis, and it can cause organ problems— ultimately leading to death.
  2. Brain Abscess
    Brain abscess occurs when a pus-filled pocket develops as a consequence of infection. Bacteria or infected material enter your brain, and swelling appears – adding pressure and sometimes even stopping blood flow. It can result from a tooth infection, which may kill you.
  3. Ludwig’s Angina
    Tooth infections, like abscesses, can spread to the soft tissues present under your tongue. It is a bacterial infection that affects your jaw, mouth, and neck.
  4. Endocarditis
    A tooth infection can spread to your heart and kill you. Endocarditis is a severe condition with inflammation of your heart’s inner lining.
  5. Necrotizing fasciitis
    Necrotizing fasciitis is a quick-spreading infection that causes tissue death in your body. Thus, it is also known as a flesh-eating disease and can result in death in a short period.

    Although rare, an untreated tooth infection can kill you. It can also cause other health complications like mediastinitis (inflammation in your lungs), cavernous sinus thrombosis (blood clot of sinuses), and osteomyelitis (infection of bone tissue).

What Are The Risk Factors That Cause Complications?

A few risk factors can increase the likelihood of complications from a tooth infection. You might be at risk of complications if:

  • You have diabetes.
  • You are going through malnourishment.
  • You are immunocompromised (have an impaired immune system)
  • You are of older age.


In conclusion, a tooth infection can lead to complications that kill you. Therefore, it is crucial to notice and get the required treatments for it. Do you think you might have a tooth infection or any other dental issue? We Royal Dental Associates are here to help you at 281 655 0500.

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