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Did you visit the emergency dentist for the abscess on your gums? Antibiotics are an effective treatment for the pus-pocket, and your dentist might recommend some to get rid of the infection. But what if your tooth abscess is still swollen after 3 days of antibiotics? Let’s talk about it in this blog.

How Long it Takes for the Tooth Pain to Go Away After Antibiotics

When you take antibiotics, tooth pain is the first to go. Since antibiotics start working within 1 to 4 hours of starting the treatment, that is how long it takes for the tooth pain to reduce.

For some people, the effects take place soon while others have to wait longer for the pain to disappear. Hence, you can try taking them on an empty stomach so your body processes them faster. However, it is better to take medicines with meals since it lowers the chances of discomfort.

When Does Tooth Abscess Swelling Disappear?

After the tooth pain goes away, it’s time for the swelling to go down. It takes around 24 to 48 hours for the swelling to reduce after you take the antibiotics, which work to get rid of the bacteria. Furthermore, the size of the swelling will also affect the time it takes for the abscess to go away. Hence, a small abscess might dissipate within a day while a bigger one will need more time.

Reasons Why Tooth Abscess is Still Swollen After 3 Days Of Antibiotics

As discussed above, tooth abscess swelling disappears after 1 to 3 days of taking antibiotics. You may need urgent dental care if your tooth abscess is still swollen after 3 days of antibiotics. While the course is supposed to be for 7 days you should contact your dentist if the swelling is still present after 3 days. Here are some reasons why the abscess is still swollen:

  1. Starting the Treatment LateYou need to start taking antibiotics within the first 48 hours. Otherwise, the infection will spread and advance to the level where antibiotics are no longer effective. This means you will need to undergo procedures such as incision and drainage or a root canal if the tooth abscess is still swollen after 3 days of antibiotics.
  2. Taking the Wrong Type of AntibioticsJust because it is an antibiotic does not mean that it will work for the infection. In some cases, the prescribed medications are not effective in fighting off the infection because they are not what your body needs. If this is the case, you will need to switch medications.
  3. Bacteria Resist the AntibioticsIt is not common, but sometimes bacteria resist the medication, especially if you have recently consumed antibiotics. This might turn bacteria immune to the drug, which is why your tooth abscess might be swollen after 3 days of antibiotics.


Antibiotics might take a couple of days to treat the swollen abscess, but if 3 days pass with no chance, you need to contact a professional. Dial (281) 655-0500 now to talk to our Royalty Dental Associates team, or visit us at 8714 Spring Cypress Rd #210, Spring, TX 77379, United States.

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